Sandra Wade

Sandra Wade

Model, actress, writer –there’s not a lot she doesn’t do.  She’s a firm believer that these days, you have to have a lot of skills just to make ends meet!

With the help of her many talented and loyal friends, she just finished producing, directing and starring in her first film, “Choices”, a short about the perils of letting society’s judgments get in the way of your own happiness. It ended up being a more timely story than she could have ever imagined.

She is also very grateful to consider herself a breast cancer survivor–having kicked Stage 1 breast cancer’s ASS.

As an actress, she’s also appeared in MUDA: When Time Is All That Matters, which won several African Oscars,  The Floor Is Yours, an upcoming web series, and Glass Door, a very creepy short horror film where she had fun portraying a demented soccer mom. Strangely enough, she had to move away from Los Angeles, where she’d lived for 16 years, to get into acting.

As a writer,  she’s been published in Manhattan Beach Patch and several LiDAR trade publications.  Her work on Medium has been published by Thought Catalog, , The Haven, and Thoughts and Ideas. 

Sandra Wade with her beloved boy Whiskey (RIP)

She is currently working on a book titled, “How I Survived the Recession”, about her experiences working as a fetish model and a professional dominatrix in her 40s.

She currently lives in Philadelphia, which is just like New York, but a lot cheaper.

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